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GuitarHeroStore scratches DJ Hero price down to $79

If you've been desperately wanting to live the luxurious life of a virtual DJ, but lack the finances required to do so, fret no longer -- GuitarHeroStore has temporarily knocked the price of the Wii, PS3 and 360 versions of DJ Hero down to $79, and the PS2 version of the game to $64. That even includes free shipping, which is good, since plastic turntables probably cost more than your average parcel to transport cross-country.

Make sure you enter in the coupon code "DJHPP1" while checking out in order to access the offer. Otherwise, you'll end up paying full price for the game, losing out on $20 you could've spend on other disc jockey accessories. Like oversized headphones! Or LED-infused robot helmets.

[Via SlickDeals]

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