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Gigabyte's M1305 ad campaign says docking a laptop is like picking your nose


External graphics cards may well be a rarity these days, but we're not sure if this simple fact justifies the launch of a grotesque and debatably heinous ad campaign. As you can so clearly see above, Gigabyte disagrees. In order to promote its Taiwanese M1305 CULV laptop cum external graphics card dock (housing an NVIDIA GeForce GT220 desktop VGA card), it released posters featuring a disoriented person poking his / her nose, each of which were presumably in the process of "doing some soul searching." Curious as to what these ads actually say? "How good is an expansion dock with integrated graphics card? Plug in a Gigabyte laptop and you'll find out!" Thanks, but no thanks Gigabyte -- we're currently preoccupied with flushing our memories of this visual disturbance you've just forced upon us.

Psst... two more posters after the break for extra raunchiness!

[Thanks, TheLostSwede]

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