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Ubisoft gets into the Wii sports racket with Racquet Sports


Ubisoft's new Wii sports collection, Racquet Sports, is on the way to help you use some of the Wii peripherals you bought! Ubisoft is cleverly aiming not just at the Wii Sports Resort audience, thanks to MotionPlus compatibility, but also the people who bought Your Shape and would feel weird about having a camera that works with just one game.

Racquet Sports includes tennis, ping-pong, badminton, squash, and beach tennis (which totally counts as a separate sport). It features various single-player and multiplayer modes, including a Party Mode with randomized, "wacky rules." There's no word on how the camera peripheral will interact with the game, though our money's on "your face as an avatar" more than camera-based controls. Racquet Sports will be in stores by March 2010, though you may not see it behind the ten thousand other games also being released that month.

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