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Perihperal Vision: Nyko Charge Base IC Hands-on/Butter Cookie Tutorial

Justin McElroy

Peripheral Vision is the name of our ongoing sporadic journey into the wonderful, oft-terrifying world of third-party peripherals. Think of it as neither preview or review but rather a ... meditation on the curious object in question. Enjoy.

When the holidays roll around, the gamers who buy everything they want throughout the year might find themselves stymied asked for a wish list. Today, we put the Nyko Charge Base IC through its paces, and it looks like a great way to pad your list to Santa. The Wiimote charger uses induction, which not only alleviates the need to plug everything in, but -- as you'll see in the above video -- also looks really slick.

Also, to help justify this video's existence, we teach you how to make butter cookies.

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