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Atari CEO David Gardner steps down, Jeff Lapin steps up


Atari's ongoing corporate shuffle is still, well, going on. The company formerly known as Infogrames has just named a new CEO. Current COO Jeff Lapin is to replace David Gardner as CEO and has executive experience with Take-Two and THQ, as well. It's unknown whether the move is Gardner's decision or Atari's, but he will stay with the company as a "director."

Lapin doesn't appear to be getting a raise with this new position, but don't weep for him too much: his current compensation package includes "an annual fixed gross compensation of €400,000 [or nearly $585,000] and an annual variable compensation, subject to the achievement of performance criteria, up to €200,000," as well as 900,000 stock options.

"We will launch our second MMO game - Star Trek Online -- in February 2010," Lapin said in the announcement. "I am excited to take on these new responsibilities at this important time and look forward to developing Atari's strategy to bring the company back to profitability."

[Via IndustryGamers]

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