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From Hell's heart, the Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition stabs at thee


Atari has just basically announced ahead of time who the most annoying Star Trek Online players will be -- those who buy the Digital Deluxe Edition. This special edition of the game, available for $59.99 at launch from both Direct2Drive and Steam (the retail Collector's Edition is $80 and includes different stuff -- see an image here), gives players the ability to "relive Kirk's unforgettable moment of fury, with the timeless cry... 'KHAAAN!'" And just like that, the game is ruined. You will never hear another sound in Star Trek Online. It will be one continuous refrain of "KHAAAN" on every starship, every planet, every Starbase in the galaxy.

The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes Original Series-style uniforms, a Klingon Blood Wine Toast emote, the NX- registry prefix for your ships, an "Automated Defense Battery" tactical module and the exclusive "Joined Trill" species (like Dax on Deep Space Nine).

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