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GameStop weekly claims UFC Undisputed 2010 'coming May 25'


The Spike VGAs this evening may very well reveal the first gameplay of upcoming MMA-er UFC Undisputed 2010, but the most recent GameStop weekly is dropping release date bombs on us well before tonight's festivities kickoff. According to the ad, the game will be grappling onto store shelves on May 25 and, as you might imagine, you're welcome to "pre-order now!"

While we're normally reticent to trust release dates from retailers as absolute truth, the prominence of this information among a weekly advertisement -- and the fact that the game is getting "World Premiere" treatment on tonight's award show -- puts some confidence in our normally skeptical perception of situations like this. Either way, we're likely to confirm this report's veracity when the VGAs roll this evening.

[Thanks Erik!]

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