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The Daily Grind: Which Guild Wars 2 race will you play?

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Hot on the heels of any new information about Guild Wars 2 these days comes the inevitable question: which race will you make first? Since we found out that humans aren't the only playable race, the discussion provides endless fodder for Guild Wars fans.

Will you stick with your tried-and-true and play a human? How about going brain-over-brawn and playing an Asura? Have you been running around in your Charr hat since Halloween this year, dreaming of the day you can go all steampunk and create a Charr character? Perhaps you'll create a Norn, just to see if you have a shot with Jora. Or are you the curious type, anxious to create a Sylvari and learn about this mysterious new race?

Speculating on your first race in Guild Wars 2 seems to be a favorite way for fans to entertain themselves while waiting for launch, so how about you? What race can you just not wait to jump into when launch day arrives?

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