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CrimeCraft: Kingpin bowls over your iPhone today

Kyle Horner

Yes, bowling puns. We know not everyone appreciates a good cheesy joke, but today's a seemingly auspicious day for MMO iPhone and Facebook apps. It's hard to imagine what self respecting game doesn't have a tiny socially-networked counterpart. You can consume details on Kingpin over on its official page, although if you've played any of these "build a gang" type games before you probably know what's in store.

If you're wondering just why you should check out this app -- aside from the fact that it's shiny and new -- then be aware that the first 50 players to hit max level in Kingpin will earn a CrimeCraft AUG that offers an experience and a money bonus. Also in the wings are a limited number of CrimeCraft gold bar packages, the Valley Forge Federalist, an assault rifle with five "slots" and a five slot submachine gun, the R-Sys Smilodon.

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