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Dofus opens their new version, Dofus 2.0, to simultaneous praise and worry


If you're a gamer looking for a tactical approach to MMOs, then you're pretty much going to want to play Dofus. Dofus is the MMO that takes a real-time strategy approach to combat, letting characters move in cells and conduct attacks in turns, very similar to the classic combat system of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Recently, the Dofus team has ripped open the packaging on Dofus 2.0, a huge update that gives the game improved graphics, new areas, gameplay, and much more. However, the update hasn't been released without a fair share of criticism. Ankama Games had made the decision to launch Dofus 2.0 while simultaneously keeping Dofus 1.26, the prior version, online on separate servers.

This move has been made to let the community transition to Dofus 2.0 when they feel the game is "ready" to be played. Until then, the two games will run on separate servers (and with separate character lists, which has members of the community up in arms) until the decision is made to migrate old characters and servers. To help with the new characters, the new servers will include both double exp and money so the leveling process won't be as hard.

For all of the info on Dofus 2.0, check out this great devblog on the update.

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