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ESRB: M-rated 'SABRE Team' deploying on Wii


Move over, Modern Warfare Reflex! Soon, Wii players will have a choice of "modern" FPS. In assigning an M-rating, the ESRB has revealed a game called SABRE Team, an FPS that takes place "'behind enemy lines' in a number of Middle Eastern-style locations." The game lets players "navigate tight alleyways and corridors, secure buildings, and kill enemy forces."

The publisher is listed as Collision Studios, developer of Jumper: Griffin's Story on Wii and PS2, as well as both Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010 and Daisy Fuentes Pilates. Maybe, to save money, Collision will reuse some celebrity character models, and we'll see a couple of Daisy Fuenteses providing cover fire. At the very least, all the soldiers should be limber. The dev is also responsible for 300: March to Glory on PSP.

The name SABRE Team was also used by a 1992 Amiga game. This could be a refresh of that series, but since the original was a strategy game and this is an FPS, even if it is based on the same source material, it'll bear little resemblance.

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