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One Shots: Grumpy dwarf

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. When you're Zontix the dwarf, denizen of Warhammer Online it does pay, so long as you can put a giant Destruction house to the torch and manage to come out without so much as a smudge of ash on your armor. Even so, Zontix doesn't look too pleased. Perhaps he knows there are more forces of Destruction lying in wait to attack the forces of Order in Warhammer Online. Perhaps he's just sick and tired of people making fun of him for looking too much like a very short Tom Selleck, albeit with some crazy extra hair. As Zontix didn't send in a note with his One Shots, we'll just have to guess -- while avoiding this grumpy little fellow (and his great big axe) in the meantime.

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