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Massively digs into the EverQuest Underfoot expansion

Dan O'Halloran

SOE's EverQuest, one of the earliest of 3-D graphical MMOs, launches its 16th expansion today: Underfoot. This particular area of Norrath, the realm of Brell Serilis, the Duke of Below, is filled with inner turmoil and new adventure. Massively was given a tour of the new expansion and we have all the details for you below.

This tour is divided into two parts. Part one, after the jump briefly covers the two new features being introduced to the game: the new Achievement system and the Extended Target window. Part two is a screenshot tour of the new zones with its bizarre and fractious denizens. Join us, won't you, on a journey into the plane of Underfoot.

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Extended Target Window

Along with the usual expansion features of new zones, new tradeskills and new Alternate Advancement Abilities, Underfoot comes with two new features. The first is the new Extended Target Window. This allows you to set what player or mob the window will target. You can set it to your designated group tank, tank's target, puller, raid assist, pet, pet's target and more.

This is a separate window from the group and raid window. It can be set and reset as needed with icons to remind you what role you have assigned to each targeting window.

The Extended Target Window is one of those ideas that I feel should be in every MMO. It would be great to see this in WoW without an outside AddOn for example. Anything that helps players coordinate better is always welcome.

Achievement System

Catching up with a popular feature seen in many other popular MMOs, Underfoot introduces an Achievement system. Unfortunately, since the game is over 10 years old, not all early player activities were tracked. However, for what is trackable, those Achievements are broken down by expansion including exploration, conquests, progressions, missions, quests and raids. There is also separate achievement tracking for class abilities, skills and epic weapon completion as well as tradeskill progression. You can also compare your achievements to other players by targeting them and opening the Achievement window.
With this expansion, SOE gives the players entry into a part of Norrath long anticipated by its player base while providing new features to keep it on par with its competitors. In addition to the new zones and features, there are also new tradeskills including new cultural armor. You can find more information, as always, at EQTraders.

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