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Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver adds BT functionality to your 70s era home stereo

Darren Murph

Just now dusting off those vinyl-wrapped cabinets from the glory days of disco? Good, 'cause Belkin's about to breathe new life into 'em. The outfit's newly unveiled Bluetooth Music Receiver presents itself as the device to stream your iPhone and iPod touch jams to your home stereo, but in realty, this thing will work with any BT 2.0-enabled music streaming device. Phones, PMPs, genetically modified children -- you name it. Simply plug the base station (shown after the break) into your home stereo, pair up to six Bluetooth devices with it, and watch as your favorite tunes are transmitted from device to driver sans cabling. It's almost magical, but we're not quite sure if it's $49.99 magical.

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