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NVIDIA promises Tegra 2 chipset and third party hardware at CES


For an upstart mobile chipset, Tegra seemed off to a decent start in 2009, but with a minimum of actual hardware actually on shelves for the holidays, we're supposed to look to 2010 now for Tegra's big break -- according to NVIDIA, anyway. NVIDIA plans to unveil its next-gen Tegra 2 chipset at CES in January, which is rumored to be around twice as powerful as the original, and we're supposed to be seeing a bunch of "interesting form factors" along side (like that Tegra tablet pictured above, for instance). We're told to expect tablet PCs, smartbooks, netbooks and MIDs running Tegra in the first half of next year, but the real traction is supposed to take place with the first smartphone entries in the second half of 2010. It sounds like a long time to wait.

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