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WoW Moviewatch: Meet Me in Azeroth


Meet Me in Azeroth probably doesn't qualify as machinima, but is still fantastic viewing for WoW Moviewatch. This video features a pair of guys rocking out to how much they prefer Azeroth to the doldrums of real life. I'm forced to agree with the sentiment, even if the musical style isn't quite my taste.

The video is clearly meant to be comedy and parody, so I totally forgive their heavy use of auto-tune. Hell, I might even have auto-tuned it a bit more thoroughly. I think the style has shown to be very effective for this kind of tongue-in-cheek humor before, and it totally had its place here.

The lyrics of the video do a good job of speaking to the universal WoW experience. They also manage to give some shout-outs to certain factions among the community. For example, they poke fun at a desire to return to "ye olden days of WoW," back before Burning Crusade even came out.

Ultimately, it was a fun video, and I give the chaps a tip of the hat.

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