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Marks & Spencer exclusive netbook offers lots of hyperbole, little substance

Tim Stevens

The status quo for the netbook has not shifted much since the Eee PC took over the world, but now Marks & Spencer has come along to revolutionize the segment with the Elonex-sourced MSNB-2009. Delivered using the company's typically overstated advertising techniques, the machine is said to be "stylishly designed for life on the move," "both portable and powerful," and "style and sophistication" wrapped in a "glittery high-gloss finish." What's inside is rather less sparkly, the same 'ol 1.6GHz Atom and 160GB HDD configuration that put us to sleep years ago. M&S calls this "an aspirational laptop for the modern lifestyle" and we totally agree: if you buy this you'll aspire to buy something better. Available now in three shocking colors for "only" £279 -- about $450.

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