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New trailer and details released for Trials HD DLC

Earlier this week, we got a brief sampler of the explosive additions coming to Trials HD in the "BIG Pack" DLC ... pack. Today, a RedLynx press release has shared a few specifics with us regarding the downloadable content's ... contents. These specifics include how to unlock the pack's three new achievements, a list of some of the new physics objects (car, rocket turbine, gravity field, wind and motor, to name a few), and some of the additions that will come in the simultaneously released title update. You can find these details posted after the jump.

RedLynx also sent along a new trailer, which we've posted above. You're going to feel awfully silly when you realize that you've read all this when you could have been watching a dude ride a motorbike in a space station. The BIG Pack is due out next Wednesday, December 23. According to the presser, it will cost 400 -- which is half the price we heard earlier this week. Typo? Or Christmas miracle? We've contacted RedLynx to find out.

New Achievements

  • Piggyback (15G): Catch a ride and surf on top of a car in Dangerous Ride. Can you go the distance? -- Ride on top of a car in Dangerous Ride DLC track.
  • No Deal (15G): Which box to choose and when to bailout? -- Bail out and land the rider inside a lucky box.
  • Look ma I can fly! (20G): Bounce 5 trampolines in succession in Skyway to reach new heights.
  • 35 brand new Trials HD tracks, with a special focus on medium and hard tracks, the difficulty levels most requested by players, the sweet-spot of track difficulty:
  • 23 racing tracks: 12 medium, 9 hard and 2 extreme – most with new physics objects providing Trials rides never experienced before
  • 12 skill game tracks
  • Five new tournaments including all the new tracks -More than 50 new crazy physics objects: Car, rocket turbine, gravity field, wind, motor and many others! These objects will also be available on the level editor for users to utilize in creating their own tracks.
  • Three new fun Achievements worth 50 Gamerscore

Free Title Update
  • Ultimate Endurance tournament simplified. This change makes the close to impossible Marathon achievement possible for much wider audience. The tournament now includes beginner/easy/medium tracks.
  • Improved Down the Stairs skill game. The physics glitch all top players used is fixed and now the user has better control over the tumbling down rider.
  • Fixed the corrupted leaderboard scores found in some tracks (zero times, impossible scores). All leaderboards have been cleaned off corrupted scores and we have a system in place to keep them clean in the future as well.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs reported by players and found by testers. Now the game is even more polished and stable than before.
  • Due to huge demand, the amount of tracks users can save in their hard disks and memory cards is doubled.

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