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Dungeon Fighter Online begins the Dawn of Retribution


It's the holidays, and the elder spirits of Dungeon Fighter Online are in a giving mood! The first major update to the game, the Dawn of Retribution, fixes three main areas that have been giving players some trouble with the game.

If you felt things were going a bit slow, then worry no longer as the leveling curve has been reduced, speeding up your progress through the advancement tree. Less grinding, more punching monsters into the dirt where they belong!

For the newer players entering the game, the lower level dungeons have been made easier and the tutorial has been revamped. So not only are the starting instructions clearer, but the starting dungeons won't beat you as hard as they use to.

There's also the usual holiday event added to the mix, where snow will fall on the ground once per day for an hour. If you're there when it's snowing, you'll be enjoying a 20% experience boost during your adventures! There's also loot to steal off of Chrismas goblins and the special notorious monster, Snowblin. So get out there and get dungeoneering!

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