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How would you change Motorola's Droid?

Darren Murph

The anti-iPhone. The phone that "does." The first Motorola device that we've seen in years that's downright awe-inspiring. Naturally, we're referring to the Droid. VZW spent all kinds of money to hype up this Android 2.0 handset as the phone to get if AT&T's 3G coverage was just too weak for your liking, and it seems to have been at least decently effective. We know the phone had its fair share of quirks right off the bat, but we're happy to say that most of those nuisances were taken care of via firmware update. Still, we know geeks, and those suckers are never happy. If you were in charge of redesigning this thing, what aspects would you tweak? Is the slide-out QWERTY up to snuff? Is the display crisp enough? Are the transitions snappy enough? Do you wish it was impossible to turn off the "Droid" sound emission each time you received an email? Dish out your hot fury below.

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