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Breakfast Topic: How did you start WoW?


Time has passed in this game. People have histories, both personal with each other and in-game with their characters. These histories can be very telling not only about the individual, but about the progression of the game itself. For instance, my first character started out in Northshire in Elwynn Forest killing all the wolves he could get his warrior hands on. Now he's rampaging through the dungeon finder Titan's Gripping everything in existence.

But perhaps more interesting, at least to me, was how I got started in WoW in the first place. I originally began in 2004 by being very excited about EverQuest II, and only picked up WoW as something to try that was a little different. At the time I wasn't very happy with the cartoon like characters of WoW compared to EQII, and I didn't think the gameplay would be as hard core as EQII would be.

How wrong I was.

On that day in November 2004 when I picked up both WoW and EQII I had no idea that in the next five years my interest would shift entirely, and that so much of my time would be taken up by talking about everything Warcraft.

How did you get started in WoW? Are you where you thought you'd be when you first picked up the game?

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