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Modder mods new fangled wireless keyboard to look like old timey one

Laura June

Before you laugh awkwardly at the weird sense of nostalgia this keyboard dredges up in your mind, let us introduce you to its wonders. Apparently modded by a Dutch man or woman courageous enough to admit that (like us) they prefer the pretty much extinct, giant, tactile-as-all-get out keyboards to newer, more streamlined models, this mod takes away the only gripe we ever had with such peripherals -- namely, their wiredness. The enterprising DIYer's taken a Logitech wireless Wii keyboard apart, mapping all the key codes along the way, thrown in a little basic soldering, wedged everything into the old keyboard and voila! Pretty magical, right? Well, okay -- not really, but still -- we sort of dig it. There's a before shot after the break, and hit the source link for the poorly machine translated how-to.

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