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Valve beta testing AI opponents in Team Fortress 2

If there's going to be a singular battlefield for the war between mankind and a super-advanced artificial intelligence hivemind, we think it's going to be Team Fortress 2. See, the programmers and developers over at Valve have repeatedly proven their technological prowess -- and now that they're working on AI opponents for TF2, accidental self-awareness can't be too far away. "Spy's sappin' my sentry! But why is it my sentry? Can a virtual sentry be owned? Who am I?"

You can check out the early stages of the future destruction of the world by participating in the Team Fortress 2 Bot Beta Test. No download is required -- all you have to do is enter a simple line of code into the console command in the koth_viaduct, koth_sawmill, and koth_nucleus maps. Check out Valve's blog post to learn more about the AI-spawning commands available to you. Whatever you do, make sure you don't enter "haley_joel_osment" into the command line. His love is real, but he is not.

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