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'Pac-Man: Battle Royale' trademarked


With Pac-Man Championship Edition having just come out on the iPhone (and being, pretty much, Pac-Man Championship Edition), we're in a pro-Pac-Man frame of mind. So when we saw this European trademark for a game called Pac-Man: Battle Royale, we thought "Another Pac-Man game!" instead of "... another Pac-Man game?"

Adding further excitement was another trademark for "Drill Till You Drop," which sounds a lot like a Mr. Driller spinoff (and maintains the spelling error found in the title for the Dead Rising game on Wii). Now, all we know is that these trademarks are for games. They could very well be lame arcade redemption games, or Flash games, or any number of completely underwhelming things. But Battle Royale could also be -- though it probably won't, since this is too exciting -- something like a multiplayer take on Championship Edition.

[Image: The Arcade Flyer Archive]

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