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Free Realms hops on the TV commercial bandwagon

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

It looks like MapleStory isn't the only one seeking to draw in some new players over the holidays. Free Realms has released two eye-catching television commercials, set to air over the holidays.

Both spots aim for a thirty second intro to all things Free Realms, with the first one focusing on holiday events and the second a more general view. All the bases are covered in these whirlwind tours of the game: cool costumes, houses to decorate, pets, monster fights, jobs, and more.

There is a heavy emphasis on "free" and "with your friends", which should hold a hefty appeal to the tween and teen set as the holiday vacation from school starts to drag out a little bit next week. There is a brief text disclaimer about halfway through: "premium content and membership available for purchase," which offers a tempting suggestion for kids who haven't decided what to do with that Visa gift card they got from Aunt Judy in Oklahoma.

Both commercials can be viewed at the official site.

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