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Assassin's Creed fan-made film 'Initiation' available today [update]


Update: We've added the full video after the break. Enjoy!

When the folks at The Duo Group aren't busy making short films, animations, or advertisements for various entertainment companies, they make ... short films and animations just for the fun of it. Case in point, the recent Assassin's Creed fan film "Initiation," which provides a prologue piece on Altair joining the assassin's guild.

Though the whole 10-minute shebang is set to be released sometime today, we can only provide the teaser still above and a preview after the break for the time being. We did, however, watch the entirety of "Initiation" this morning, and can assure you it'll be worth your time when it does finally arrive later today.

[Thanks, Graham C.]

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