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Capcom may shift established franchise development overseas, Q1 delays 'strategic'


Capcom will apparently focus original IP development in its Japan-based studios and outsource established franchises to other lands, according to a Question and Answer session (warning: PDF link) posted on the company's investor relations site. No executives are named in the Q&A brief, but the transcript is of a phone meeting with analysts. In it, a Capcom representative states that the reboot of Bionic Commando, developed by the late GRIN, "demonstrated the difficulty of outsourcing the development of [a] new title to overseas companies."

The document adds that the company is "considering ways to separate the roles of activities in Japan and overseas." International companies may be used to develop existing games series with "well-established characters and universal themes." A little less clear is this note: "Overseas companies will also handle certain parts and/or lineups of such games."

Also mentioned is the "strategic decision" which prompted the recent Q1 2010 delays of major franchises, making for a rocky financial quarter. Capcom allegedly "combines management and development to reach various decisions ... [it] would not decide to postpone the launch of a title" purely for development reasons.

Source -- Q&A Summary [PDF Link]

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