Engadget Podcast 177: CES 2010 Day 3 - 01.08.2010

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|01.08.10

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Engadget Podcast 177: CES 2010 Day 3 - 01.08.2010

It took every bit of geeky fortitude we had left in our bodies to tear ourselves away from @LadyGaga's tweeterfeed for an hour and produce this podcast for you, but we did it. Feel appreciative?

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Bad Romance

Hear the podcast

01:40 - Live from Palm's CES 2010 press event
03:25 - Palm swings open doors to App Catalog's innards
03:35 - Palm gets serious about 3D gaming on webOS
04:00 - Video recording coming to all webOS devices in February (updated: Flash, too!)
04:10 - Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus first hands-on (video)!
04:40 - Palm introduces Palm Pre Plus: 16GB, coming to Verizon on January 25th
06:30 - Palm Pixi Plus: WiFi-equipped and heading to Verizon
23:10 - Palm intros Mobile Hotspot app, guaranteed to make your router jealous
25:47 - Live from Dell's CES 2010 press event
26:42 - Alienware M11X netbook gets official, costs less than a grand
26:55 - Alienware M11x hands-on
27:20 - Dell teases the Streak?
29:00 - Dell slate (secret) hands-on
30:00 - Dell 5-inch slate press pics want you to study them
30:30 - Dell Mini 3 lightning hands-on
33:17 - Live from NVIDIA's CES press event
33:35 - NVIDIA announces Tegra 2, tablets en route
35:00 - Plastic Logic QUE proReader in-depth video hands-on
38:20 - Live from Paul Otellini's Intel CES keynote
39:50 - Intel launches AppUp Center app store for Atom-powered devices (updated with hands-on impressions)
40:25 - Intel announces WiDi HD wireless display technology
43:27 - LG GW990 hands-on video
48:12 - Spring Design announces partnership with Borders, lowers price on Alex reader
49:35 - Notion Ink Adam prototype hands-on: it looks nothing like the render, but it's still pretty wild
52:32 - Boxee Box confirmed to have Tegra 2, Boxee Beta now open to all

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