Pachter: Netflix on Wii won't matter as much as on other consoles

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Alexander Sliwinski
January 13th, 2010
Pachter: Netflix on Wii won't matter as much as on other consoles
Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter doesn't think the announcement of Netflix streaming on Wii is that big of a deal in growing the rental service's customer base. Pachter's perspective is that "fewer than 20 percent" of the US's 26 million Wii owners are connected to the internet, which is a necessary component to stream movies through the service. In comparison, he believes over 75 percent of Xbox 360 and PS3 users are caught up in the internets.

IndustryGamers reports that Pachter expects "some traction" from the Wii announcement, but that it won't "jump start Netflix activations." He believes the Nintendo console's installed base will "embrace the Netflix service only gradually." With so many consumer electronics receiving the Netflix streaming service, Pachter does believe it'll "allow Netflix to maintain its prior pace of subscriber additions as new customer additions from the Xbox 360 installed base begin to slow."
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