Ask Engadget HD: What's the best universal remote available right now?

We've all been there, feeling the need to spend up to an absolutely ridiculous amounts of money on the perfect universal remote, but we don't want to just follow the crowd and get the shiniest piece of kit Harmony is currently offering. So we start looking for alternatives, and end up exactly where our friend Mitch is:

"So, I've been in desperate need of a universal remote for the last year, and I want to get something that can control all my gear, plus add-ons in the future (including lighting,etc). I'm looking for IR at the moment, but plan to install a cabinet in the future, so RF is a must as well. The obvious conclusion would be a Harmony (One or 1100), but I'd like some opinions on other options and what some experiences have been w/ the Harmony remotes. I'd like to keep it under $500, but if I need to save up for something more expensive, that is an option."

We know from the last time we asked many of you have opted for various options from the Harmony line for your controls, so let us know how they're working out for you, and of course what alternatives seem the most worthy. We haven't always found simply spending max cash as a guarantee of a satisfactory experience, but maybe its different with someone else's fingers on the touchscreen controls.

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