iSaidWhat?! lets you put a twist on words

Sang Tang
S. Tang|01.20.10

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iSaidWhat?! lets you put a twist on words

Arguments happen, words are thrown, and words are sometimes misconstrued. "Stop putting words in my mouth!", someone might say to you. With Tapparatus's iSaidWhat?! [iTunes link], now you can put words in someone else's mouth.

Well, sort of.

In addition to serving as a basic voice recorder, iSaidWhat?! also allows you to cut and rearrange audio snippets. Take the following interaction between Jerry and Dorothy:

Jerry: I love you. You complete me. If I had just...
Dorothy: Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at hello. You had me at hello.

Using iSaidWhat?!, you could break down recorded audio into blocks of words or into individual words. So, the above conversation can rearranged into the following:

Jerry: You love me. I complete you.
Dorothy: Shut up. Just shut up.

The app is very polished and a delight to use. Users are presented with two tabs, one a list of their recordings and the other a list of their arrangements. A snappy and intuitive interface allows you to mark in- and out-points; and after you've completed marking these points, you're asked what you'd like to name it.

After completing an audio compilation, you can share it with the world. The app allows you to share your creation via email (which it encodes as a .wav file), over the network, Facebook and Twitter. iSaidWhat?! is available for purchase at the iTunes store for USD $1.99.

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