Linden Lab appoints new CFO

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|01.20.10

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Linden Lab appoints new CFO

Linden Lab's last CFO (Chief Financial Officer), John Zdanowski oversaw one of the largest growth periods in the history of Second Life. That growth came to a bit of a shuddering halt around the time of his departure last March, though we think that's just coincidental [We'll be looking closer at the 2009 Second Life metrics later this week].

Throughout the comparatively flat second, third and fourth quarters of 2009, the CFO's chair has remained unwarmed, but Linden Lab announced today that the position has now finally been filled by Bob Komin.

Komin is a graduate of the University of Oregon and the Harvard Business School, and has an impressive track record for for steering technology companies through strong growth periods. So it's not unreasonable to think that Linden Lab believes that it has a similar strong period upcoming after most of a year of economic doldrums.

Komin will be responsible for all financial matters and controls, human resources, legal and administrative functions globally, reporting to Linden Lab Chief Executive Officer Mark Kingdon.

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