PSA: PAX East warns it'll sell out, get badges now

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PSA: PAX East warns it'll sell out, get badges now
In very clear and certain terms, the PAX East site states: "FACT. We will sell out of badges for PAX East Coast 2010." What this means is that there will, oh wait, they get all caps-locky about this one too: "There will be NO BADGES AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR."

For those who plan to attend and don't want to be left out in the cold (literally, it's freakin' March 26-28 in Boston), get registered now!

Update: Robert Khoo, Penny Arcade, Inc. President of Operations and Business Development: "Sorry guys - no marketing ploy here. We were able to make the announcement about the sellout because our daily rate of tickets sales alone, with no announcement, would have sold our allotment of badges. What we're trying to prevent here are people coming up to the door and being disappointed that they can't get in. We tried to prevent this with PAX 2009 as well, and still some people flew in from out of town without getting badges beforehand."
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