Poll: So... what's the Apple tablet going to be called?

Okay, we're pretty sure Apple's going to announce a tablet tomorrow, and now we're pretty sure it'll be running some version of the iPhone OS. (Thanks, McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw!) But the one thing we don't have any inkling about -- even after nearly 10 years of rumors -- is what this thing is going to be called. Sure, there are some trademark applications floating around, and even some crowd favorites, but arguably the single biggest surprise coming tomorrow is what Steve Jobs has decided to officially name his mythical tablet. Honestly, we have no idea -- so we're putting it to you. Let's run down the main contenders:

  • iTablet: The most obvious name, but Amtek's had the US trademark since 2006 and has been selling the various actual devices like the iTablet T221 (pictured above) under the brand for a while. Of course, trademark issues have clouded Apple product launches before, so anything's possible.

  • iSlate: Popped up in some trademark and domain name filings a while back and then applied for in the US by a shady company called Slate Computing, LLC that only seems to exist on paper. The registration can't be granted until the USPTO receives an example of the name being used in commerce, and that hasn't happened yet.

  • iPad: The least likely, and only because Apple's had the most to directly do with it. Fujitsu sold a Windows CE-based iPad retail handheld for a few years, but let the trademark application lapse until June of this year. When the USPTO published the application for review by other mark holders, Apple stepped in and filed an opposition, presumably because "iPad" sounds too much like "iPod." That's the only real claim Apple has, as far as we can see -- it can't just oppose the registration because Steve wants to call it the "iPad" really bad. And if he does, all he's got to do is pay Fujitsu some of the billions in cash Apple has lying around -- so why tip his hand with the USPTO filing?

  • Slate: The NYT's Bill Keller referred to it as "the impending Apple slate." Maybe he meant it as a proper noun?

  • Canvas: Panic's Cabel Sasser tweeted this after the paint-spattered "latest creation" invite went out. It's certainly nice, but there's no evidence that it's real at all.

  • Tablet: The Apple Tablet. Might as well at this point, right?

So -- what's it going to be?