Garmin-Asus nuvifone M10 gets handled, reviewed in the wilds of Russia

We just heard about Garmin-Asus' WinMo 6.5.3-packin' M10 yesterday, and already the handset has been broken out for a photo shoot and hands-on review in Russia. The design itself isn't anything otherworldly, but we have to say -- we're kind of digging the user interface. Granted, we've a soft spot in our hearts for Garmin's nuvi line of PNDs, so anything remotely familiar gets a big thumbs-up 'round these parts. At any rate, critics noted that the phone was a pleasant mix of WinMo and nuvi, which is something that really sets it apart from other Windows Mobile-based offerings. There's nary a mention of exactly how awesome this thing would be with Windows Mobile 7, but if you're in no hurry to ponder the next big thing, give that source link a look.