Quasi robot melts hearts at Toy Fair, Interbots promises toy version soon

You'd have to be heartless to walk by Interbots' Quasi and not crack a smile. Q, as we like to call him, isn't an autonomous bot, but instead everything from his facial expressions to his speech are controlled wirelessly via a tablet PC. As you can see in the video after the break, his master can change his eye color and arm / hand movements with just a touch of the stylus. So, why did Quasi, who was born at Carnegie Mellon in 2006, make an appearance at the 2010 Toy Fair? Interbots is planning to bring an affordable child-friendly version of the $80,000 bot to market by the end of the year, and the reps on hand told us that it'll even have similar puppeteering capabilities. Sounds like a potential nightmare for parents, but there's something about this guy that makes us sure about his future as much-adored, bona fide family member.

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