HTC HD mini launched at MWC

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HTC HD mini launched at MWC
It seems mini versions of larger and pricier sets that still deliver the goods have become de rigeur amongst hardware manufacturers at MWC in 2010. Enter HTC's HD mini, a scaled down version of the beefy HTC HD2 with a 3.2-inch HVGA display for customers who want all the joys that device delivers without the need to actually use the beast itself -- or find somewhere to store it. The housing design is typical HTC beautiful, but in a very unique departure, the fasteners used to hold the device together are exposed and become part of its style. In a similar vein, popping open the back of the phone reveals that the internal mount for the hardware is bright yellow -- not that you'll ever see it, but let's be honest, just knowing it's there is kinda fun. Running WinMo 6.5.3 and Sense, the mini is headed for a European and Asian release in April with 7.2Mbps 900 / 2100 HSPA. No carrier deals or specs were mentioned -- but with Mobile World Congress running all week, we may just hear something soon.

Update: Promo video is now live after the break!

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