Direct2Drive indie award finalists named, threatened with Chobot lick

Aside from a spot on Sony's The Tester, we can't imagine a contest in the game industry with a much more ominous prize than Direct2Drive's Vision Award winner. Aside from the $10,000 bounty, apparently the trophy will be presented onstage at the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival by IGN's one and only lick-happy reporter, Jessica Chobot.

We've listed all five of the games up for the Vision Award after the break -- a list that includes Hello Games' Joe Danger and Edmund McMillen's Super Meat Boy. The awards presentation will be held during GDC 2010, specifically taking place on Thursday, March 11. We here at Joystiq would like to wish all the contestants luck. Also, you might wanna bring a towel. Just in case, ya know?

  • HurricaneX2 -- You Yun Tech

  • Joe Danger -- Hello Games

  • Nyxquest: Kindred Spirits -- Over The Top Games

  • Super Meat Boy -- Team Meat

  • Max and the Magic Marker -- Press Play