LG's LU2300 set to challenge Samsung's M100S for Korean Android dominance?

Eternal archrivals-to-the-death Samsung and LG have a tendency to match one another tit for tat in virtually every consumer electronic category, but for whatever reason, LG's been far less interested in going for broke with Android over the past year -- though a preoccupation with Windows Phone 7 Series is a solid guess at this point. Things may be changing, though, now that we've got news out of Telecoms Korea that they're prepping a more brutal assault than the weakling GW620 could ever provide in the form of a so-called LU2300 for the domestic market (we're assuming the actual thing will be a little more... well, "designed" than the snow-white mockup above). The site is playing up LG's announcement that the phone will bundle a bunch of popular apps in ROM (awesome?) but the real news is the impressive spec sheet, which is said to include a Nexus One-like 1GHz Snapdragon and WVGA AMOLED display paired with Android 2.1 and a 5 megapixel cam capable of 720p video. It certainly sounds like it's ready to give Samsung's M100S a run for its money, but we'll need to wait until its second quarter release to know for sure.