HTC HD2 said to be launching March 24th for $199, no Windows Phone 7 support

Well, we'd already had a pretty clear indication that the HTC HD2 would be launching on T-Mobile on March 24th (or possibly the 23rd), and Laptop Magazine is now reporting that a "very close T-Mobile source" has confirmed that the 24th is indeed the date, and that the phone will run $199 on a two-year contract (or $449 off-contract). The March 23rd date that recently cropped up is apparently just the day the MobiTV software will go live. Just as notably, Laptop also says that it has confirmed that the phone won't be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series -- although, at this point, we'll have to hear that first-hand to truly put an end to the speculation. Thankfully, that should happen in just a few days.