TAG Heuer's Tesla Roadster gets pictured on the road

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|03.15.10

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The good people of Tesla couldn't leave us with just stock studio photography of their new TAG Heuer special edition vehicle, oh no. They've treated us to a full gallery of the car out on the road, sporting its new regalia and that radical paintjob with pride. To remind you, the only special thing about this edition is indeed that TAG Heuer has reskinned its exterior, while a center console mount for a Meridiist phone and room for a Limited Edition Stopwatch can be classified as product placements for the crowd who'd buy things just because there's an allotted space for them. Anyhow, a couple more pictures await after the break (sans that silly flare on the Tesla logo above) or you can hit the source for the full experience.

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