Upcoming changes to the WoW Insider Show

Michael Sacco
M. Sacco|03.23.10

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Upcoming changes to the WoW Insider Show
WoW.com is going to be making a few changes to the WoW Insider Show, our weekly podcast, and we wanted to fill you guys in on what's happening. We want to bring you a great show at the highest quality each week, and we're committed to ensuring we give you the best in analysis and news recaps of what's going on in the World of Warcraft. After the big changes to the show's lineup earlier in the year, we've experimented with the show in a few different ways, read listener feedback, and braved floods, blizzards, and bad connections in an effort to bring you the best WoW podcast on the internet.

So, to that end, we're doing a few things differently.
  • Recorded intros and teasers for the show.
  • Technology for the show's backend
  • Provide detailed notes, along with a "here's what you're missing" clip, for each show, so you can decide at a glance whether this particular week will be up your alley.
These are all things that lots of you have requested of us, and we're happy to get them off the ground. Our hosts and general routine won't be changing -- Matt Rossi and I will still bicker like an old married couple for an hour each week, we'll still be answering plenty of reader emails, and our rotating panel of guests will continue, including some recent favorites to which you guys responded positively.

However, one thing that will be changing is the live format. Because of the increased emphasis on production, we've made the decision not to record live each Saturday on Ustream. The podcast team, or rather the significant others of the podcast team, also found the middle-of-the-weekend broadcast schedule problematic, and our couches aren't very comfortable. So, instead, every Monday morning we'll deliver a fresh podcast for you to listen to via download, streaming audio, or iTunes. We know this affects a large number of you who listen to the show each week in the chat channel, and hopefully you'll be pleased with the other changes.

If you have further feedback for the show, please feel free to email theshow@wow.com or get in touch with me personally at sacco@wow.com and we can have a discussion.
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