App Store leak hints at iPad versions of Plants vs. Zombies, Worms

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App Store leak hints at iPad versions of Plants vs. Zombies, Worms
Looks like you early iPad adopters will have something good to play -- PadGadget noticed yesterday that Apple's App Store listings accidentally included a few unannounced iPad launch games in their store listings, even though the games aren't available for download yet. A few games, like Flight Control HD and Labyrinth 2 HD both high definition iPad versions of their iPhone counterparts – had already been announced by their respective developers but there were at least two big titles on the list that gamers might appreciate: Plants vs. Zombies HD and Worms HD. Yup, looks like both PopCap's popular topiary tower defense game and the old fightin' invertebrates are coming to the iPad on day one.

Of course, this could just be a slip-up on Apple's end -- these could be placeholder names, or they could just be testing the app store for iPad titles. But considering the popularity of PopCap's titles on the portable platforms, odds are very good that as soon as you get home from the Apple Store on iPad on April 3rd, iPad day, Tall Nut and all of his other buds will be ready to play.

[Via Touch Arcade]
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