We Rule hits a million sessions in 24 hours

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|03.27.10

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We Rule hits a million sessions in 24 hours
Ngmoco CEO Neil Young tweeted on the official account that We Rule has reached a million app sessions in a 24 hour period, which means we can probably call their big freemium experiment an early success. We've seen quite a few people talking about We Rule and their accounts in our comments and on Twitter, so it's definitely out there and being played. But of course we have no idea yet just how well it's doing in terms of turning over in-app purchases and making money. Still, if his talk at GDC is any indication, Young doesn't really care: their main goal is to get lots and lots of people using the app, and a million sessions in a day sounds like they've either got that or they're well on their way.

Which means you will probably see lots more of this on the store in the near future -- Godfinger is due out soon from Ngmoco (it's currently in their Canadian App Store "beta"), and of course we've heard that they've got no less than six iPad titles planned, undoubtedly some due soon after the April 3rd launch. Ngmoco's freemium model had its naysayers when the company first revealed their plans, but it looks like they've all quieted down -- they're off playing We Rule.
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