WoodWing gives sneak peek at tools for creating iPad-based magazines

Sang Tang
S. Tang|03.26.10

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WoodWing gives sneak peek at tools for creating iPad-based magazines

There are many great graphic artists out there, as there are many great computer programmers. However, it's difficult to find a great graphic artist that also has great programming skills. For artists more interested in content creation than programming frustration, WoodWing Software's recently unveiled iPad-magazine tools may hit the spot. The tools, designed with an Adobe InDesign workflow in mind, aim to facilitate the publishing of iPad-based magazines.

WoodWing's Content Station serves as the main facilitator between artist and publication. In Content Station, the user can access and arrange (via drag and drop) the dossiers for a particular magazine brand or issue. Double clicking on the dossier will show the assets (images, movies, and InDesign document) that make it up. There, double clicking on an InDesign document will open it up in InDesign, where you can make your edits. When you're done editing the InDesign document or any other related asset and are ready to publish, publishing is just a click away in Content Station.

Part of the fervor behind the iPad is its media consumption potential, in particular with traditional print media. The digital revolution has given birth to web versions of newspapers and magazines that, while more timely and convenient for readers, has also presented revenue challenges for traditional print media in the name of ad and subscription revenues. If Content Station can reduce the effort involved in moving from print to digital delivery, that's bound to help publishers leap over the digital divide.

Thanks to TUAW reader Frank for the tip!

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