The Conduit 2 coming to Wii

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|03.30.10

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No, that's the first game.

As you Nintendo Power subscribers and purchasers will learn (if you haven't gotten the latest issue already) High Voltage will be bringing its flagship franchise back to the Wii this fall with The Conduit 2. GoNintendo has a ton of details from the magazine's upcoming feature, but we're only providing the highlights, in case you plan on reading for yourself.

In short: It's due this fall, it picks up right where the first left off and it's embracing its sci-fi vibe more than the first game did. Like we said, plenty of details are forthcoming; however, at the moment, it sounds like High Voltage is hoping to ratchet up pretty much every aspect of the first game. Here's hoping we have some official assets for you soon.
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