Verizon hopes to bring 3D programming to FiOS TV customers by year-end 2010

A smattering of pay-TV providers have already announced their intentions to start piping out 3D programming to their users (starting next week with The Masters), but up until now, neither of America's (two) major fiber operators had bit the three-dee bullet. Verizon's own Shawn Strickland, vice president of FiOS product management, has come forward today with a bit of news on the matter, and it's the kind of stuff you want to hear if you're a) lucky enough to already be in a FiOS TV market and b) one who cares about the third dimension. He notes that his company is "monitoring the early sales of 3D TVs and expects to announce a 3D offering well in advance of the holiday TV-shopping season," further saying that Verizon is already in "active discussions with a number of companies in the emerging 3D value chain." He makes no bones about the hurdles along the way, suggesting that "technological challenges remain, as technology that enables TVs and set-top boxes to adjust the set to display 3D content has not been perfected or distributed, causing a major viewing hassle for consumers." That said, we're pretty stoked about having a 3D FiOS TV offering "in the market in time for the holiday," with the company aiming for a product that has "fully automated HDMI format-switching capability that switches between 2D and 3D, not via ponderous access to the TV's setup menu." Now, let's see how many of these wishes come true, cool?