Motorola's Motonav TN765 navigator gets reviewed: a widescreen PND done right

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.05.10

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Motorola's Motonav TN765 navigator gets reviewed: a widescreen PND done right
Motorola doesn't exactly have a huge foothold in the portable navigation market, but it's not like the TomToms and Garmins of the world really need to keep on keepin' on sans any legitimate competition. Originally revealed at CES (and once again at MWC), the Motonav TN765 is one of the most bizarrely designed GPS units we've ever seen, taking on a Philips 21:9 Cinema type of layout in order to provide an ultra-widescreen view that can't easily be found elsewhere. Now, the 5.1-inch device is on sale in the US for around $270, and we've collected a number of reviews from those who've had the ability to whiz around town with one adhered to the windshield. For the most part, critics were duly impressed with the wide variety of features (Bluetooth handsfree calling, text-to-speech, voice dialing, auto map zooming and a litany of live data reports informing you of the local weather forecast, gas prices, etc.). Previously, Motorola's PND efforts weren't exactly lauded, but this guy's different -- most everyone found the robust feature set and stunning user interface to be more than satisfactory, with the main detraction being the intermittent MotoExtras service and dodgy reception in dense, urban areas. Hit up the links below before pulling the trigger (or switching on the safety, as it were).
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