Charlie Murder now coming to an unannounced platform

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Charlie Murder now coming to an unannounced platform
Originally announced for a March 2010 release on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform, Charlie Murder, Ska Studios upcoming beat-em-up, is no longer confirmed for release through the Indie Games service. Developer James Silva told Joystiq, "As of now, Charlie Murder is not on any announced platform." According to a Ska Studios representative, the platform details and release date for the upcoming title have not been cemented.

During our PAX East demo of Charlie Murder, Silva confirmed the final game code would run on the XNA 4.0 engine, which works across Xbox 360, Windows-based PCs and the Windows Phone 7 Series mobile platform. While it's still possible Charlie will make his way to the Indie Games platform, Ska Studios is keeping a tight lid on the punk rocker's future since first revealing him to the world this past January.
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