Intel's Intelligent Home Energy Management device is an OLED beauty, sadly just a concept

We know, the last thing the world needs is another home tablet (see Sony Dash, HP Dreamscreen and Chumby), but bear with us for a second on Intel's Intelligent Home Energy Management proof of concept. Instead of providing just the typical weather, Pandora, and video memo apps, the Atom Z530-powered screen also manages your home's energy consumption. The idea is that the WiFi-enabled device works with your local energy company to provide data as well as suggestions on how to lower that insane monthly bill. It also apparently can update you as to what government subsidies are being offered and deals on more power efficient appliances. If that all sounds too earthy to you, we at least can tell you it's one beautiful gadget -- the 11.2-inch capacitive OLED screen is simply stunning and the user interface that's been built on top of Windows XP isn't so bad looking itself. For now the whole thing is just a concept, but Intel was quite confident in saying that we will see gadgets with its Home Energy platform popping up sooner or later. We just hope someone picks up that beautifully designed hardware. Don't you worry you can see it too in the video demo after the break. %Gallery-89962%